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DDF Awards

Dear Visitor!


By  Irv O. Neil

It’s that time again, amigos, to settle back, unzip, and contemplate the wonders of nookie nature presented in the weekly updates at 1By-Day.com, your headquarters for the top international glamour girls! Brought to you by DDF Productions, this photo and video parade of the prettiest pulchritude on the planet can be savored with super-speedy search features both on your computers and mobile devices! I’m a longtime writer and editor for many world-famous men’s magazines, and with this newsletter I’ll show you around the week’s updates! So get comfortable and let’s begin!

NEWSFLASH! We’re now into Phase 2 of the very first DDF Awards! Go to www.ddfawards.com to check out the latest info on the final nominees. We started with these categories: Glamour Sex Goddess, Hardcore Sex Goddess, Busty Sex Goddess, Foot Fetish Sex Goddess, Newcomer Sex Goddess, and BDSM Sex Goddess, and we invited you to select the last nominee in each category. You members will also be able to create categories as well, and you might even have an award named after you! We’ll select some of your suggestions to complete the total roster of awards for the 2015 DDF Calendar. So click over to the site and get acquainted with all the stars now nominated in the categories, and also go to www.ddfblog.com to learn more about Phase 2 of the fun!


Do you ever wonder what some girls have under their short-shorts? This question may spring to mind on Monday 9/22/14 when you see Vicktoria Redd reveal her “secret smile.” See, when she pulls down those shorts in her Full HD video, a smiley face greets you right on the seat of her underpants! This Czech doll gives you quality time to worship her seat with the smiley face on it (as well as little smileys on her scanty crotch), but then she pulls the fabric aside to cram both her holes with a huge dong. The smileys against her thigh look quite happy about this! Eventually, though, a girl’s gotta be totally comfortable to stuff her backside, and so down go the underpants for the anal action show, which definitely puts the biggest smileys on all OUR faces! :)))


There’s just something so sweet and friendly about Nicole Sweet, a reddish-brown- haired lovely from Hungary. See what we mean on Tuesday 9/23/14 as she gets comfy in an elegant bedroom. Outfitted in her matching bra and underpants, she lays back on gold satin sheets and reveals herself in mouthwatering detail. From her 38B breasts to her pouty smooth shaved pie, she’s an inviting young lady you’ll want to usher into your fantasies! Check out her pics and video to see how she stretches out in one sensuous pose after another, eager to please you. She teases with her scanties for a bit, pulling the panel over her crotch, but then when she reveals her bare shaver, it’s totally yumsville when you see her tasty deep peach-like slit! Whether she’s in the doggie style position or squatting on the floor, this curvy dish will enchant you!


On Wednesday 9/24/14, that Hungarian knockout Lia Taylor is a visual symphony in purple as she stands before us in her lacy bustier and matching underpants, and she of course has purple peep toe high heels on, as well! Purple is the traditional color of royalty and to her fans, Lia is certainly a queen of beauty in her personal realm! And she is kind to her many admirers: she leans back on the bed and slowly sheds her purple raiments, revealing her 34B-24-30 splendidness to our grateful eyes, actually sniffing her discarded scanty to give us a sense of her aristocratic aroma even as she spreads her peach below. Naturally, a purple queen uses a purple toy, and you will see Queen Lia satisfy herself completely with it in her pics and Full HD video! Now all that is left is our duty as loyal subjects--giving fond tribute in the form of our spraying sperm!


Cast your eyes, pilgrim, upon newcomer Layla Sin on Thursday 9/25/14! She stretches out on a couch arrayed in a pink blouse, pink and blue mini, pink stiletto shoes--and yes, even pink lipstick, to deliver home the thought of the total sinful pinkness that Layla will envelop you in! Whether she’s playing with her lips or sticking out her tight round butt; or whether she’s revealing her sweet little knobs or crossing her legs and teasing with her ankle strap heels, Layla is gonna wrap you around her--pink-polished pinkie! And when she finally takes down her pink thong and parts her petals to show you her pink core, well, pilgrim, get ready to sin and sin big as you sink into the pink dream that is this sizzling newbie from the USA! Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to repent tomorrow, if you still remember after feasting on her pics and Full HD video! Let’s make her Model of the Day.


“Ohhh,” Sandra seems to say to us with her lovely blue Czech eyes on Friday 9/26/14, “I really, really want you to watch me with my toy!” All bare when we come upon her, stretched out on her rumpled bed only in her bad-girlish red heels and a dual-purpose purple vibe and nipple stimulator throbbing against her body, Sandra is clearly in a very exhibitionistic mood. “Mr. Cameraman, come in close!” her smile seems to proclaim as the cutie parts her lips to take in the unit, and as she moves around into different positions both for her delight and our stroke entertainment. “Oh,” Sandra’s mischievous mood then brightly conveys, “how I want to put this toy someday in ALL my holes!” Then she pushes experimentally against her photogenic rosebud with the phallus. Such ambitious enthusiasm deserves to be saluted with big gobs of sperm, we think!


Newcomer to our site Candy Sexton greets us on Saturday 9/27/14 in the garden, sitting in her bikini made of a kind of jeweled lace. What an alluring confection! The slinky lingerie hugs her body sensuously as she moves this way and that on her chair. What cleavage! What a bottom! Turning around, she gives us some doggie style poses and we can see her quim through the strands of the jeweled lace. Then she lays back in the chair and parts her petals while playing with a string of pearls. She runs them over her tongue and into her clam while giving us some intense looks that go right into our aroused souls. Finally undoing her delicate bikini, this United Kingdom hottie plays with her pearls some more, then sits before us like a sultry busty pinup!


Layla Sin

Layla Sin

Height: 5'8" | 173cm

Bra Size: 40A | 90B

Waist: 23 | 58

Hips: 36 | 91

Shoe Size: 6 | 36

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: black

Hair Type: Short

Country: United States

And that’s the lascivious lineup this week, compadres. Hasten forth and sample the goodies! Be sure to also scope out DDFLiveSex for free online chat with yet more alluring ladies; take advantage of the convenience of pay-per-minute action at DDF VOD; stroll amid the orgasm-inducing offerings at our DDF Superstore; and last but never least, plunge yourself into the imaginative thrills of DDF ADVENTURES, rated the #1 interactive shows online. There’s so much to experience with your 1By-Day.com membership, so as the British say, “Tally-ho!” And see you here next time with more updates.

Irv O. Neil

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